(CLIMB Performance with the Willimantic Orchestra is in the process of being rescheduled for Fall 2020)

Beethoven's 9th

"Climb" by Jake Runestad

Practice Tracks by Voices Part:

NOTE:  Tenor splits measures 411-431 only; we will either split the tenor section OR ask the altos to sing the Tenor 1 part while all tenors sing the Tenor 2 part.  However, they are separated for you above per the score.


We have introduced p. 8-20 the previous rehearsals. Here are some general notes:

DICTION (pronunciation of the text to ensure we all agree on the same sound, which helps our intonation):

  • "Climb" and "rise"
    **vowel -- lifted "ah" vowel, akin to the feeling before a sneeze
    (exercise: breathe as if to sneeze and say "ah-choo" - that is the "ah" vowel we want to try for climb and rise.)
    **"K" + "le" for the "Climb" must come before the beat.

  • "Then"
    **occurs many times as "Climb then".  Voice the "th" sound and imagine an "ee" vowel sound.  Thus, set up your vocal space to sing "thee", but sing "then"


This score has many long notes that are tied to an eighth note at the end.  We will cut-off ON all tied eighth notes (primarily these occur on the beat; thus we will cut-off on the beat).  Here is an example:  

Some Sections Isolated and Slow for Practice

Page 2--Eighth notes on middle of page:

Soprano - mm. 313-321
Alto - mm. 315-321
Tenor - mm. 313-321

Page 16--Quarter notes on bottom of page:

Alto m.895-904 Beethoven
Tenor m.895-904 Beethoven
Basses m.895-904 Beethoven

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