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   Mansfield, CT

Jacobson Barn in June.jpg

Saturday, June 26


Jacobson Barn in June (Horsebarn Hill -- Blanche Serban

Choir Matrix Women's Ensemble at Allanach-Wolf (Joshua's Trust)

Connect with live art and music created in nature

while enjoying the beautiful outdoor spaces in Mansfield.

Watercolor Paint


The Plein-Air Trail Mansfield is an opportunity for all to connect with artists and live art creation after over a year of absence.  Local landscape painters and chamber musicians will be creating their art on the various local land trusts and outdoor spaces in Mansfield, Connecticut on Saturday, June 26th.  A trail map is available on this site below. You can visit one stop along the Plein-Air Trail or all.  This event is free. 

The day will conclude with a "Meet-the-Artists" event and juried event at Betsy Paterson Square to see the progress of the art and connect with the artists directly, followed by a full performance of live singing by local vocal chamber ensemble, Voices of Concinnity

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What is "plein-air"?

Plein air painting is an artistic record of life filtered through the painters’ sensitivity and skills. The artists share their aesthetic visions of the beauty and uniqueness of a generous world in a continuous transformation under the ever-changing quality of light. The result is a renewed reality, filled with beauty and joy, tolerant and patient, sharing its gifts with each and every one. Through the artists’ eye, the world reveals itself as a treasure, and the people as its precious inhabitants.

-Blanche Serban, painter


See Trail Map below for specific locations


Betsy Paterson Square

Downtown Storrs

Storrs-Mansfield, Connecticut

Watercolor Paint


Click on the images below to learn more about the artists/performers:

Watercolor Paint


Painters and/or Musicians will be located at these properties in Mansfield (click photo for more information)

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Watercolor Paint


Saturday, June 26th

~This schedule is continually being updated~

8:00am:     Oren Elizabeth Paulin (painter) at Wolf Rock (until 11am)

9:00am:      Judy Doyle (painter) at Bicentennial Pond (until 11am)
                  Maureen Page (painter) at Atwood Farm
                  Blanche Serban (painter) at Horsebarn Hill (until 12pm)
                  Trudy Mitchell (painter) at Atwood Farm (until 12pm)

9:30am:      David Vaughan (French horn performance) at Bicentennial (until 10:30am)

10:00am:    Liane Philpotts (painter) at Knowlton Preserve at 10am (until 12pm)
                  Debra Gag (painter) at Atwood Farm (until 2pm)

12:00pm:   Oren Elizabeth Paulin 
(painter) at Wolf Rock (until 3:00pm)

1:00pm:      Blanche Serban (painter) at Atwood Farm
                  Liane Philpotts (painter) at Gurleyville Gristmill

2:00pm:      Singers from Choir Matrix will sing at Bicentennial (until 3:00pm)

4:00pm:    Meet-the-Artists
                 Performance: Gary Chapman, Keyboard
                 Betsy Paterson Square

5:00pm:    Choral Performance and Audience-Sing
                 Voices of Concinnity
                 Betsy Paterson Square




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