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Watercolor Paint

The First Year 2021...


Mansfield, CT

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Liane Phillpotts.jpeg
liane phillpotts.jpg

Liane Phillpotts


Knowlton Preserve

Joshua Trust Land

Showcase Winner

Our first annual event to connect with live art and music 

created in nature while enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Mansfield.

Showcase Runners-up

Debra Gag.jpg

Debra Gag



Blanche Serban


Atwoodville Farm

Joshua's Trust

Photo credit:  Kim Bova

Showcase Performance:

VoC 3 Levin.jpg
VoC 2 Levin.jpg
VoC 1 Levin.jpg

Voices of Concinnity Chamber Ensemble

Photo credit:  Milton Levin

2021 Event Photos

Watercolor Paint


The Plein Air Mansfield Trail is an opportunity for all to connect with artists and live art creation after over a year of absence.  Local landscape painters and chamber musicians will be creating their art on the various local land trusts and outdoor spaces in Mansfield, Connecticut on Saturday, June 26th.  A trail map is available on this site below. You can visit one stop along the Plein-Air Trail or all.  This event is free. 

The day will conclude with a "Meet-the-Artists" event and juried event at Betsy Paterson Square to see the progress of the art and connect with the artists directly, followed by a full performance of live singing by local vocal chamber ensemble, Voices of Concinnity

Face masks need to be worn and social distancing respected during the event.

Barn on Mansfield City Road.jpg

What is "plein-air"?

Plein air painting is an artistic record of life filtered through the painters’ sensitivity and skills. The artists share their aesthetic visions of the beauty and uniqueness of a generous world in a continuous transformation under the ever-changing quality of light. The result is a renewed reality, filled with beauty and joy, tolerant and patient, sharing its gifts with each and every one. Through the artists’ eye, the world reveals itself as a treasure, and the people as its precious inhabitants.

-Blanche Serban, painter

Watercolor Paint


Click on the images below to learn more about the participating artists/performers:

Painters and musicians were invited to participate in this event at no-cost to the artist to create in one of the beautiful outdoor spaces (shared and mapped below).  

Watercolor Paint


Painters and/or musicians were located at these properties in Mansfield:

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 7.49.54 PM.png
Trail Map
Watercolor Paint


Saturday, June 26, 2021

8:00am:     Oren Elizabeth Paulin (painter) at Wolf Rock (until 11am)

9:00am:      Judy Doyle (painter) at Bicentennial Pond (until 11am)
                  Maureen Page (painter) at Atwood Farm
                  Blanche Serban (painter) at Horsebarn Hill (until 12pm)
                  Trudy Mitchell (painter) at Atwood Farm (until 12pm)

9:30am:      David Vaughan (French horn performance) at Bicentennial (until 10:30am)

10:00am:    Lianne Philpotts (painter) at Knowlton Preserve at 10am (until 12pm)
                  Debra Gag (painter) at Atwood Farm (until 2pm)

12:00pm:   Oren Elizabeth Paulin 
(painter) at Wolf Rock (until 3:00pm)

1:00pm:      Blanche Serban (painter) at Atwood Farm
                  Lianne Philpotts (painter) at Gurleyville Gristmill

2:00pm:      Singers from Choir Matrix will sing at Bicentennial (until 3:00pm)

4:00pm:    Meet-the-Artists
                 Performance: Gary Chapman, Keyboard
                 Betsy Paterson Square

5:00pm:    Choral Performance and Audience-Sing
                 Voices of Concinnity
                 Betsy Paterson Square

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